There exist so many child care centres and daycare centres in Australia and across the world, but getting the right and safe one can be very difficult. Some are operating for profits while the genuine ones aim at developing the child.

However, you will always know a good child care centre in Australia when you first visit them. The way you are welcomed into their compound and the way they relate with you is a reflection of how they will treat your child.

A good child care centre is made up of very friendly caregivers. In case you fell victim, and you enrolled your child in a wrong child care centre, you can observe your child’s behaviour when you are picking them and know how they are treated.

If you realize that your child almost cries and runs to you whenever they see you in the evening, they might have difficulty with the caregivers. This can make the child development very slow.

But how do you avoid such cases? Here are some tips you should check out for.

1. Go beyond the credentials and qualifications of the director

Although the experience and credentials are important, you should look further to know how they operate. Do not be fooled by the director’s qualification because he or she is not the one who will be taking care of your child. Yes, the child care centre director or owner could be very compassionate and friendly, but the caregivers are something else. Also, they should not be dancing around your mind by using certain jargon in explaining the activities they engage the children in.

2. Ask for references

If you have visited a child care centre and you are convinced that it is best for your child, then it is time you ask for references. Let them give you the contact of a parent who is having their children in the daycare. With that, you are better placed to know the parent’s experiences with the centre. If they cannot give you a reference, then they are the wrong guys to deal with.

3. Enquire from your friends and relatives

Your family members and your close friends will always have a recommendation for a good child care centre. Before you start the hustles of searching the right daycare, ask for recommendations from your friends; who knows, they have a friend whose child is in a good daycare they might recommend to you. Even when you have a good child care centre, these are the same people to inquire about the centre before enrolling your child.

4. Check whether the caregivers are empowered

These are the people who will be spending hours with your child. If they are not experienced and qualified to deal with children, you are wasting your child’s future. On the other hand, the director should be free with the teachers and give them all the necessary resources and supplies they need. The caregivers may have great ideas but are silenced by the director because they do not provide all the materials.

5. Check the materials available

Is the class only fully equipped with crayons and old-fashioned toys? Check the availability of modern toys that matches the age of the child. There should be distinct materials for playing and learning as child developments.