How to behave
It is not a legend, you will see it during your trip to Australia : the general atmosphere in the country is often very friendly and very informal. Australians are very open and welcoming to visitors. The best way to break the ice is to talk about sports. Australians are passionate about water sports, Australian football, rugby or cricket. If you are a fan of these disciplines it will be even easier to get to know each other.

Another way to get to know Australians is to go to a park, there are always barbecues you can use as you like. Everyone brings meat and drink for himself and begins a day of meetings and sharing.

For the rest you will simply have to respect the same rules of education that you already follow in your home in everyday life. Add to these a good dose of lightness, an informal spirit and do the maximum “No worries!” your new philosophy of life.

You will meet Aboriginal people mainly in central Australia. They are the indigenous inhabitants of the country and their culture is considered as one of the oldest in existence. Today this community is very marginalized by society and is a great victim of unemployment and alcoholism.

It is really very difficult to get in touch with them. Most of them are not available to know tourists, as they are often considered disrespectful of their beliefs and traditions. Unfortunately, they are not entirely wrong on this point. So try to be as respectful as possible.Do not take pictures of them without agreeing and do not photograph the places of their traditions (there is a sign indicating the prohibition).

Finally, tourists love to climb Ayers Rock, the most revered place by Aborigines, considered by them to be the navel of the world. This is to say that they naturally consider this activity as very disrespectful . Please try not to do it and be content to admire the rock from afar.