According to studies, boarding school students have proven to be successful at outstanding rates in adult life and college, compared to average students.

For instance, 78% of students in boarding schools expressed that they were ready for college, as opposed to 28% in public schools.

Also, 50% of boarding school students further to get an advanced degree and a lesser number in public schools do the same. This extends to success in the long run with a higher number of boarding school students attaining top positions in the middle of their career and later in life.

What makes boarding school students unique?

Boarding school students learn how to carry out domestic chores easily and undertake school assignments on their own. Boarding school students gain mastery of time, resources, and finances as they attain maturity quickly and become independent both in college and in life.

1) Lesser Distractions

Boarding school students have a better focus on their academics because video games, telephones, and phones are limited. They live in a conducive learning environment and as such, perform better in academics.

2) Cultural Diversity

Students in boarding schools attend classes with people of different cultures, and therefore learn to respect their differences and live together. Some may learn different languages and form friendships.

3) Character Development

In character formation, boarding school students are morally grounded with class and character. They live in areas where values such as respect, honesty, and hard work are inculcated.

4) Alternative Activities

These students have gained exposure to various activities that improve their learning. They engage in extracurricular activities and sports like football or other activities like fight training and kung fu.

5) Fluency in Another Language

Boarding school students who don’t speak English as their first subject become more conversant with the language through language immersion. Students who stay in a boarding school for a minimum of three years become bilingual, that is to say, they can speak, read and write two languages.

Advantage of Boarding school

1) A 24/7 Learning Environment

Boarding schools provide a twenty-four-hour vibrant environment for learning. In these schools, all efforts are committed to nurturing student’s growth. Boarding schools have various facilities, like swimming pools, art centres, gymnasiums, and standard libraries. They also have a broad curriculum with different activities and subjects. Studies have also proven that boarding school students give quality time to their academics and other events.

2) The Perfect Place To Unlock Potential

The conducive environment means that students get the opportunity to develop their potential. This enables boarding school students to discover their skills and talents in arts, sports, theatre, or music. The outstanding equipment and facilities allow students to explore and train their abilities. A good percentage of boarders delve into leadership and fulfilling careers.

3)  The Staff’s Expert Guidance

Boarding school students are supervised, and as such, the risk of exposure to negative influences is reduced. Also, boarding school teachers are highly trained academics, coaches, mentors, and inspirational figures. They perform vital roles in helping the students meet their potential.

 4) An Opportunity To Gain Independence

As earlier established, students build character in boarding schools and become morally sound. Students become disciplined and grow up to be responsible adults. They also learn skills and become independent.

Boys boarding schools give an outstanding advantage to the regular male student. Boarding school students stand out among their peers.