Art supply stores in Melbourne are some of the popular outlets that are busy, especially when the children are at school. Besides the common crayons for the kids, most of these art supply stores are well-stocked with various supplies for artists.

Just like any other place in the world, Melbourne buyers have their struggles when looking for the right store. There are multiple art supply stores in this city that make buyers become overwhelmed because they no longer know what to do.

But did you know that you can always identify a counterfeit store from the right store? Well, it is simple if you know some of the red flags. There are certain things that a genuine art supply store in Melbourne will never do, and those are the things that differentiate between the right and the wrong store. So how do you know a no go zone store?

Red Flags of a Wrong Art Supply Store in Melbourne

It is not registered

This is a sign that an art supply store is operating illegally. What does that mean? They could be selling counterfeit and black-market products. So why should you fall victim to buying their art supplies while you can easily avoid them? Most of the stores operating in Melbourne are required to be registered before they are granted permission to operate.

And with the renowned strict administration of Melbourne city, there is no way a business will be operating without a business permit in the city. That should tell you that such a store is not good for doing your shopping.

It is not specialised

If they are selling too many products and incorporating art supplies as one of their many products, that store is not appropriate to do your art supplies shopping. A good art supply store is clear and specialised in offering art supplies only. Fortunately, Melbourne city has such stores that only deal with art products.

No certification in their products

You may have heard of the complaints that are recently rising due to the low quality and harmful art supplies. The fact is that there are manufacturers that don’t care about the health of others. That’s why they release harmful products into the market. So why not look at the mark of standardisation that approves that the product is good for use? Failure to check this certification may put your child or yourself at some health risks.

They keep on changing locations without a trace

What are they running from moving from one part of the city to another? The reason is simple. They are running from angry customers who bought substandard goods. A good art supply store sticks in one place. And in case they are relocating, they will leave some directions to their new venue. A counterfeit store will never do that.

Poor customer care

No one likes someone who is mishandling them, especially when you want some assistance on which paint or he kind of rubber to purchase. Rude staff can destroy the entire relationship you have with that company. In that case, avoid any art store supply in Melbourne that has no friendly staff.

Staggering Prices

If their prices are never steady, it could be a sign that they are not good at what they do. You need a store that offers fixed prices for all the supplies. When they change their prices, they should let you know as their esteemed customer.

Now you know the kind of Melbourne art stores to avoid.